Different Excavation Techniques Used For Construction


Construction is a very complex activity and requires lot of work to be done. When you are getting started with a construction work, the very first thing that needs to be done on the area is excavation.  What is excavation? Excavation is often used in digging holes for archaeological purposes – meaning, studying the soil or looking for old artifact and treasures left from the medieval times or during the time of war. However, excavation is also important in the field of building and house constructions. Excavation techniques are used to dig holes before starting a construction. This hole can be used for drainage purposes or to plainly renew the soil content.

There is a lot of excavation techniques used in every construction nowadays. Every excavation technique has its own purpose for usage. Below are some of the widely used excavation techniques today and why it is specifically used.

1. Horizontal Excavation

This is one of the excavation techniques used in shallow sites where there is light or no commercial and residential buildings existing at all. This excavation is done horizontally because the danger of structural damages is avoided.

2 . Vertical Excavation

Vertical excavation is the widely used among the excavation techniques. Contractors employ this method in large areas and urban sites where numerous commercial and residential buildings are existent. Every layer of the excavation are is shown one part at a time. This exposes a rocky or soil layer that is something like a vertical shaft.

3. Hybrid Excavation

If you are looking for excavation techniques that do both vertical and horizontal method then the hybrid excavation is the one you should employ because this is already the combination of the two. This technique is done only when the area or site needs a quite deep excavation.

4. Cofferdams

Cofferdams is one of the useful excavation techniques that contractors employ for waterlogged areas. Also, they use this method when the excavated site has a great probability of collapsing.

5. Step Trenching

This method also involves deep excavation. The difference of it from the other excavation techniques is that, steps are made. As you dig deeper, the steps get narrower.

These excavation techniques serve their very own purpose. But before contractors can deal with the excavation of a particular site, they must thoroughly study the soil in the area first and other factors as well. It would be better if you hire professional and licensed excavators. But you can also do it on your own as long as you are familiar with the different excavation techniques.

For more information visit: http://www.ehow.com/list_7474385_services-do-excavation-contractors-provide.html




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